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Lynn and Peter

Our aim is to provide a ‘no nonsense, positive approach’ to living with Fibromyalgia.
Are you someone who has Fibromyalgia or the partner of someone with Fibromyalgia?
Are you getting the support you need, if not, why not?
Do you want a positive, practical approach to improve your quality of life with Fibromyalgia more bearable? is a place with the sole purpose of supporting the people who suffer from Fibromyalgia, their partners and family.

It is sometimes difficult to know what to expect with Fibromyalgia, and what to expect from each other? 
There are many questions people have about Fibromyalgia, 

It is our aim to answer those questions and provide practical suggestions which will help both those with Fibromyalgia and those who support them. 

The two most important things that myself and my partner have learnt in managing Fibromyalgia and its associated symptoms are, education and communication.
Learn all you can and talk to each other do not hide emotions.
Our aim is to share information and try to answer all your questions. 

We aim to look at all Fibromyalgia signs and symptoms and discuss how different people deal with them, how to recognise the early signs of Fibromyalgia and manage your condition.

Fibromyalgia is complex and difficult to understand for both the person who has the condition, their partners, family and carers.

As a 13 yr. partner of someone who has had Fibromyalgia for the past 17yrs years, I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding your partners condition and knowing how best to support them physically and emotionally, which trust me, makes life with Fibromyalgia more bearable. 
There is no known cure for Fibromyalgia but there are positive steps you can take in managing it.

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You can find new ways to understand your partner and help them to think positively

Get a Fresh Family perspective

Will there be a future for our family. Do we accept it as it is or will we make changes that benefit everyone

Bond with professionals

Where are the professionals that I can turn to for additional help

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Being the partner of someone with Fibromyalgia Syndrome(FMS) can be difficult and demanding. It is a very misunderstood condition; the symptoms not only affect the sufferer but also those around them.
One of the many thoughts I keep in my head is “no matter how bad it makes me feel, it is worse for Lynn” (my partner)
FMS has to be one of the most frustrating conditions for a partner to witness and deal with.
Frustration in not being able to take away the pain no matter how much you want to.
I would gladly share the pain with Lynn to give her some time off.
FMS is relentless, it doesn’t come and go, it is ever present but in varying degrees of intensity.
Understanding it is undoubtedly a huge benefit to both the sufferer and the partner.
Stress is a major aggravator of symptoms, the frustration that someone with FMS feels when they are not understood or supported can cause stress and worsen the symptoms, bringing on ‘ flares’
Fibromyalgia is so demanding, what really helps is UNDERSTANDING.